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Date 22/09/2017
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Career Guidance - Tests

CGT K17 (Career Gate Test K17)

  • Automated "test" Educational / Vocational Advisory
  • Theodore Katsanevas, Ph.D.

The above "test" is a modern "test" Educational / Vocational in Greek language and examines the personality, slopes, preferences and interests of every person and identifies the occupations and studies paths match with all. Please note that the program co-financed by the European Social Fund proceeded with the accession of "Career Gate Test K17", which is another tool in the hands of the Public Teacher Advisor, which reinforces the hard work.

CDM (Career Decision-Making System)

  • Computerized System Selection Profession
  • Thomas F. Harrington, Ph.D.
  • Arthur J. Oshea. Ph.D.

The above "test" helps every person to investigate professional options according his/her capacities, professions and interest of courses, educational goals, professional values and interests in general.

SDS (Self-Directed Search)

  • Test Self-awareness
  • John Holland, Ph.D.

Please note that the Public Teacher Advisor Service, granting the above "test", within the framework of specialized assistance to students / young people to gain self to be able to recognize and better identify the characteristics of their personality, abilities, interests, preferences and gradients, and be able to do the best for themselves educational / vocational choice.



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