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Date 21/08/2017
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Secondary Technical & Professional Education - Profile Graduate Theory Direction

The content of the curriculum, beyond the expression development and integration of the individual, gives onto graduate the necessary basis for epistemology:

  • Smooth and creative integration of his / her professional and social life
  • Be able to claim a place in higher education institutions in Cyprus or other countries
  • Be trained and prepared to lifelong, so that it can adapt to a changing world.

Further Studies
The graduate can:

  • Claiming, with prospects of success, position for further study in higher education institutions in Cyprus or Greece, his / industry / specialty in his / her, under general or specific examinations.
  • To claim a higher position and higher education institutions in Cyprus or Greece and other areas beyond his / her specialization, under general or specific examinations, with the prerequisite that will be prepared alone or his / her in courses that are not considered onto the field specialty him / her.
  • Be accepted at any institution of higher education in Cyprus or abroad, provided that they satisfy the terms and conditions of admission to the educational institution.

Knowledge, skills and generic skills
It is the knowledge, abilities and skills acquired through general education courses and interaction of the graduate of the total Curriculum and the environment of school and are common to all graduates of theoretical Study.


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