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Date 26/09/2017
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The Education System of Cyprus

Educational System Diagram                                       


The Education system in Cyprus consists of the following stages:

Pre-Primary education:
Pre-Primary education valid for one-year and has recently become compulsory and it accepts children over the age of 3 years.  This level of education aims to satisfy the children’s needs for the development of a wholesome personality in an experiential environment which enables them to recognize their capabilities and enhance their self-image.

Primary Education:
Primary education is compulsory and has a duration of 6 years, and aims  to create and secure the necessary learning opportunities for children regardless of age, sex, family and social background and mental abilities.

Secondary Education:
Secondary General Education offers two three-year cycles of education to pupils between the ages of 12 and 18. Firstly is Gymnasio (lower secondary education) and secondly is Lykeio (upper secondary education). The curriculum includes core lessons, interdisciplinary subjects and a variety of extracurricular activities.

Instead of the Lykeio, pupils may choose to attend Secondary Technical and Vocational Education which provides them with knowledge and skills which will prepare them to enter the workforce or pursue further studies in their area of interest.

Higher Education:
At present, in Cyprus operate three public and private universities.

Public Universities
1. The University of Cyprus
2. The Open University of Cyprus
3. The Cyprus University of Technology

Private Universities
1. European University- Cyprus
2. Frederick University- Cyprus
3. University of Nicosia- Cyprus


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