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Date 28/07/2017
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Secondary Technical and Professional Education - Study Programs

The new conditions resulting in the economy, enterprises and production units have immediate and severe effects in the workplace. The labor market needs are changing constantly. Any prediction on the needs for skilled labor, at specialty and level of education and training, is difficult and precarious.

Under this new reality, it is certain that the future will become increasingly dependent on knowledge factor and of course, the institutions through which knowledge are acquired. Based on all the above, training issues now require much more comprehensive and far more complex in their management approaches.

Decisive role in tackling this new reality has to play a «right» Technical and Professional Education (TPE). One option would be the TPE is fully compatible with the labor market, covering immediate needs in human resources. But if the TPE does not offer broad and adequate education, discredits quickly. Another option is to provide a wide TPE, which will not have the goal of full compatibility with the labor market, but will give graduates the opportunities to acquire high adaptability and ability to monitor developments in the sector of specialization and update their knowledge and skills. Courses in the new Secondary Technical and Professional Education (STPE), adopted the second option.

Within this complex and constantly changing environment, the Technical and Professional Education should not be treated as a simple, static process of accumulation of knowledge and skills. It must be a continuous economic and social necessity. It should also provide equal opportunities for all and to act as a mechanism to prevent social exclusion and ensuring social cohesion.

The Ministry of Education and Culture, taking into account the challenges of the present, current trends in Education, the Cypriot experience and reality as well as the views and suggestions of teachers of technical colleges, the advisory Technical and Professional Education and the Educational Council developed and submitted to the Ministerial Council, a proposal to reconstruction and modernization of the content and structure of STPE. The proposal has been approved by the Council of Ministers and implementation has started the school year 2001-2002.

The content of the new curriculum beyond the expression development and integration of the individual, and gives graduates the necessary basis for epistemology:

  • Smooth and creative integration into the professional and social life
  • Be able to claim a higher position and higher education institutions in Cyprus or other countries
  • Be trained and prepared lifelong, so that they can be adjusted and adapted to a changing world.

The Technical and Vocational Education is offered in two directions, the Theoretical and Practical. The duration of study in both directions is three years. The programs of STPE students may attend only those who successfully completed the C class of Gymnasium. Following the successful completion of the program, students acquire the STPE Apolytirion, which is recognized as an equal of Public Apolytirion Secondary School Education.

Courses and Specializations of STPE
The program offers Studies in the Theory and Practice Direction are:

Civil Engineering - Architecture
Chemical Technology
Joinery - Furniture
Footwear - Leather
Aesthetics - Hairdressing
Hotel-Food Arts

The program offers Studies in the Theory and Practice Direction appear in Table 1. 

In any industry offered various theoretical and practical skills directions. Specializations offered in the various Technical Schools are given direction by industry and in Table 2.


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