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Date 28/07/2017
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Primary Education - General Information

Attendance in primary school is compulsory for all children who have reached the age of 5 years and 8 months on 1 September of the year that will begin their studies.

The curriculum of schools and teaching methods used in the classroom, pay particular attention to the process of learning and focus on strategies to help students learn how to learn, and how to develop critical and creative thinking.

A key concern of Primary Education is also the effort made so that students understand and love their national heritage and to realize their national identity: the Greek language, the Greek Orthodox religion, history, culture and tradition of our country.

However, having a sense of responsibility towards the multicultural trends developed in the modern world of globalization, the school helps children to gain cultural awareness, fostering attitudes of acceptance and respect for diversity of members of other ethnic groups. Also important is the work done in Primary Education and contribute to the harmonious coexistence of all pupils of schools, regardless of different national origins or each other. Especially nowadays, where Cyprus is now an official member of the European Union, it is obvious that the Municipal Education done important work, so that young students to gain from early awareness of their identity as European citizens.


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