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Date 22/07/2017
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Pre-Primary Education - Criteria and Selection Process

If public kindergartens have vacancies, then the Selection Committee select children aged between 3 - 4 8/12 years, according to criteria approved by the Cabinet. The same procedure followed for selecting children who will attend kindergarten in the EU where there is sufficient number of seats. The Selection Committee in accordance with the regulations of the Public Schools Primary Education, composed of the chairman of the school authority, the director of the nearby elementary school, a representative of the association of parents and kindergarten teacher. All information available to the Commission, through written statements or additional requests of parents, are confidential and discussed only during the session of choice. Members of the Committee share the responsibility, of every approved or rejected application. 

Immediately after the approval, all parents of children who will attend the next school year, notified by a letter and invited to an information gathering before the end of April. The settled in May, also visited at least one child in kindergarten, accompanied by his mother or his father, for understanding the environment of the kindergarten. Parents of children, was selected to feasibility preliminary records in January, warned by a letter which stressed that their application will be reviewed in April to additional records, if any positions.

The selection criteria for children 3 - 4 8/12 years for attending a public kindergarten, applied as a priority, are:

A. Regardless of the preceding age:

Children with special educational needs, as approved by the Provincial Committees of Special Education. Registration of children in this category is regardless of the age to which they belong (Category B: 3 8/12 - 4 8/12 years old or Category C: 3 - 3 8/12 years). Law 113 (I) 99 provides for training of the 3rd year of age of the child.

B. For the remaining children are selected based on the following criteria and priority for children of age group B 3 8/12 - 4 8/12 years

  • Children who attended the previous school year in kindergarten
  • Children under the protection / supervision of the Welfare Office or orphans or destitute, having provided a certificate from the Welfare Office
  • Children large families or single parents
  • Children with Class A little brother (age 4 8/12 - 5 8/12 years) who attends the kindergarten
  • Children of political refugees - Roma - foreign speaking
  • Chronological age


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