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Date 22/07/2017
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Pre-Primary Education - General Information

The Pre-Primary Education is considered important in shaping human nature. It contributes to the evolutionary development of the child in all areas, cognitive development, emotional, social, religion, psychomotor, and aesthetics, to acquire life skills, good attitudes, values and principles. In addition, through the various training programs has the following objectives:

  • promote creative expression and thought,
  • preparing children for primary school and maximize their opportunities for school success
  • development of personality traits, like initiative, perseverance, confidence, optimism.

By decision of the Council of Ministers with No. 59824, on 14.4.2004 introduced since September 2004, free compulsory pre-primary education, one year before the admission of children in primary school. In this way the State practice demonstrates the importance given to this basic level of education. The Ministry of Education and Culture shall take all necessary steps to implement the decision, including the amendment of relevant legislation.

The Directorate of Primary Education is responsible for ensuring that attendance at all children aged 4 8/12 - 5 8/12 years old, entered to attend public kindergarten. In addition, public kindergartens meet the educational needs of a large proportion of children aged 3 - 4 8/12 years, provided that there are vacancies. Parents, of course, retain the right to choose the type of kindergarten where they would like to attend their children, public or private.


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