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Date 22/07/2017
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Are you a Woman? - Women Entrepreneurship

The Ministerial Council on 6/11/2009 approved the financing of Women Entrepreneurship Plan from the European Regional Development Fund of the EU and Cyprus for the period 2007 - 2013.

The Plan aims to develop, support and promote entrepreneurship among women (from 18 to 55 years old) who wish to engage in any business activity except those referred to drivers of projects, using their knowledge, training and their talents.

The aim is to be achieved by the use of incentives in the form of financial aid and educational training seminars for new and viable small businesses. Particular emphasis will be given to exploit new technologies, innovative methods of production and promotion of products and services, development of entrepreneurship in the field of environment, and in promoting modern business in order to create dynamic, progressive and competitive business.

The sponsorship will be granted to women to join in projects amounting to 50% on the cost of eligible investment costs (equipment, building sites, training, promotion, capital) with maximum sponsorship by the company of €70.000 and €50.000 for manufacturing activities and other activities respectively. The cost of educational seminars on entrepreneurship to be organized by the Human Resource Development Authority will be fully granted. The total amount allocated for the purpose of the call is for Women Entrepreneurship €1,9 millions.

Applications should be submitted only by registered mail to: Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism, 1421, Nicosia, with the words «Plan of Women Entrepreneurship».

For more information please contact the responsible officials in phones 22867194 and 22867180.




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