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Date 25/07/2017
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Employment Predictions - HRDA Employment Prediction

Human Resource Development Authority (HRDA) has the task of the planned and systematic training and development of human resources of Cyprus. Conscious responsibility and building on long experience on the labor market, HRDA systematically monitor trends over time, carry out predictions of the future situation and shall take appropriate corrective measures, within its sphere of competence.

The study is part of the range of complex tasks to perform estimates for employment in economic sectors and occupations of the Cypriot economy. The long-term employment forecast is considered important but also very necessary work in the case of Cyprus, which is at an advanced stage of economic and social development.
It also provides forecasts for employment in 43 economic sectors and 27 occupations involving the whole of the Cypriot economy and cover the ten-year period 2010-2020. The findings and conclusions emerging from the study will be used to take appropriate policy decisions. Additionally, the study will be exploitable by many public and private bodies concerned with the broad issue of human resources planning and career guidance for young people.




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