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Date 20/09/2017
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Quality Assurance - Cyprus Agency of Quality Assurance and Accreditation (CyAQAAE)

With the decision No. 66.010 dated 5 September 2007, the Council of Ministers has initiated legislation for the establishment of the Cyprus Agency of Quality Assurance and Accreditation in Education as the competent authority to assure the quality of higher education offered in the Republic of Cyprus in any form.
The Agency after its establishment and operation, will undertake all the responsibilities of the following existing bodies:

  • The Council of Educational Evaluation – Accreditation (CEEA)
  • The Evaluation Committee of Private Universities (ECPU)
  • The Council for the Recognition of Higher Education Qualifications of Cyprus (KYSATS).
  • The Advisory Committee for Tertiary Education (SETE)

The Agency will have thirteen members in total including the Chairperson, who must be appointed by the Council of Ministers for a five year tenure. Eight of the members will be academics (Professors and/or Professors Emeriti) and the rest, one person from each of the following bodies and services:

  • The Legal Service
  • The administration of the Ministry of Education and Culture
  • The organisations of employers
  • The Unions
  • The organisations of student unions

The Agency will be the competent authority for:

  • The periodical institutional and programmatic evaluation of the state universities.
  • The periodical institutional and programmatic evaluation and accreditation of the private universities operating under initial and/or final license of operation.
  • The evaluation and accreditation of all forms of trans - border and trans – educational institutions education.
  • The recognition of higher education qualifications and the provision of information on recognised institutions of higher educations in Cyprus and abroad. 
  • The publication of the list of all the recognised institutions of higher education operating in the Republic of Cyprus and the programmes of study they have been authorised to offer.
  • To provide advise to the Minister of Education and Culture on all matters under its jurisdiction.      

The final draft of the law for the establishment and operation of the Agency is expected to be ready and presented to the House of Parliament for voting within 2010.

Contact address (Temporary for information):
Department of Higher and Tertiary Education
Ministry of Education and Culture
Kimonos and Thoukidides Corner
1434 Lefkosia
Tel.: +357 22800616
Fax:  +357 22427560
URL: http://www.highereducation.ac.cy


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